This moment for your grace I plead

restless I am in desire

to reach you, I dream

in the night of my life till the light of dawn


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Title: Ghazal 1 ( National Award from the Lalit Kala Akademi, India, in 2011)
Size:  Each of the four paintings: 30 x 30 cms
Medium: Egg-Tempera on Board
Year of Creation: 2010 – 2011

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This book contains images of 16 Egg-Tempera Paintings and their related poetic texts







Resonating In Every Act

Within All IT Exists

An Unchanging Permanent Truth… SAT NAAM

Humble Down To Receive THE GRACE

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

For YOUR Grace I Pray

  1. Towards THE ONE ONLY I Hope To Take Steps
  1. ITS ORDER Alone Shall Grant Me The Purpose 


Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. THE GRACE Is Beyond All

      The Riches And The Fame

  1. Experienced In The Rhythms Of Life, Day By Day
  1. Fathom The Truth Of Bliss In Contentment

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. The Bliss In Belief
  1. Anchored To The Name Of THE PUREST ONE
  1. Grace, To Arrive At The ‘Door’, THE SALVATION

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

Recognise Compassion Around The Wonders Of DIVINITY. Grace!

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. Innumerable Account Their Love For THE ALMIGHTY
  1. Innumerable Do Act In Complete Ignorance


  1. I Need To Mind My Actions And Deeds

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. Accounts Of THE ALMIGHTY

Cannot Be Fully Fathomed In Our Single Life

  1. The Abundance And The Deliverance For All,

THE GRACE, Has Always Been

  1. Fair Are The Releases From THE DIVINE STORES

And So Be My Nature, My Dealings, Egoless. Grace!

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. At THE DIVINE DOOR Reach Only

Those Graced To Experience THE ONENESS

Mehr Kareen Daataar!


A Scheme Of Unification And Separation

  1. Spectacular Illusion Of THE DIVINE ARRANGEMENT

Creation, Sustenance And Destruction

  1. None Have Any Control In Actuality

None Are High Or Low By Their Own Choice

Grace,  I May Judge No-One

Mehr Kareen Daataar!

  1. To Be In The Saram Khand Is To Shape

The Consciousness, Mind, Desires And Intellect

In Tune With THE DIVINE WORD. Grace!

  1.  Grace Me The Shower Of Ultimate Bliss, I May  Perform As Per THE TRUE, THE DIVINE, WORD. Grace!

Mehr Kareen Daataar!



Learning, Sustenance And Being

In An Existential Rhythm

Records Of The Chosen Path

Contentment In Wilful Attachment To THE DIVINITY

Grace Me A Blissful Exit

Ek Oangkaar Sat Naam Wahe Guru Ji

Mehr Kareen Daataar!


2nd Book Image


     Grace Me A Blissful Exit
        Egg- Tempera Painting, 40 cm  X 30 cm,  
 Jyotika Sehgal, 2019


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